Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

SWAP Meet at the next NorCal Match Saturday May 21st

NCAGC is going to have a SWAP meet. we invite everyone to attend. bring air guns rifles, scopes, pellets, sticks, bum bags, and or what ever stuff to trade or sell. we will have a couple of tables to set your stuff on. put prices and names on the your stuff using a sticky dot or tape please. happy.gif

we will be having a BBQ as well.

Sight in 9.30
Match at 10.00

Swap meet begins after the Match but feel free to set your stuff out as early as you like.

thank you


NorCal Regional Grand Prix

we have had some fantastic feed back regarding the air gun NorCal Regional Grand Prix in the Sacramento area to include Concord.  so i just wanted to say thank you everyone for the votes of confidence ranging from a Board member of AAFTA to the most beginner shooter in the line up. NorCal ( will be putting this on every year.

what makes the Grand Prix so exciting to shooters is the fact that they do not have to travel long distances to compete in a Grand Prix, especially if they can't get away for a whole weekend and spend lots of money traveling and hotel fees and match fees.  four venues are with in a 100 mile radius in the area. shooters can compete in more than one class if they want to also, and they can add a friend to their entry fee of only 20 dollars.  they can always improve their score by going back and competing again. at the same time it creates more desire for shooters to attend an AAFTA National event or Grand Prix. it promotes the area, increases club turn outs, more friendships, and more competition.. all for non profit. all monies and prizes are given back to the shooters. 100%

i have been competing in field Target since the spring of 2009. i have been to a great many clubs and venues over the years to include Nationals, Regionals, and State matches, and i am thoroughly convinced that training at these four venues can get shooters ready for a National event. or one could partake in the event just to enjoy meeting new people and enjoying friendly competition and contributing to the sport as with most of the participants.

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Ronnie Easton

Ronnie Easton