Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Sunday, November 14, 2010

November, 13th Match Report

Although we have had some super nice days here at the club, this day had to be the best day on record for f/t shooting all year here in Sacramento. although the morning was quite brisk, the grounds warmed up  real fast with just a hint of a breeze and the high was 72 F. the wind still played a roll as it blew the shot off just a bit when you least expected it.

Jim C had to miss this one. we all missed you brother and look forward to seeing you next time. we hope you had a great time on your adventure.

Jim R showed up first to help out followed by Frank B. thanks guys for helping setting up  the course. it is much appreciated. thanks to everyone for pitching in as well.

we had a new member show up with his FX Ranchero.  Richard and I met at the Sacramento Fun shoot at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center a few weeks back that Jim C was hosting.. basically  i attended the fun shoot to support Jim C's event, work with Jim R a little, and promoting the club and venue.

Richard seems like a really nice guy and a shooter for sure. perhaps a new ringer and he shoots his FX Ranchero pretty darn good imo. right out of the box Richard is doing well. it sure was nice having you and look forward to seeing ya next time. thank you also for helping tear down the course

Jim R came out of the rough with a score of 38/46 shooting Hunter class and tied my score in Open class. that is just smoken hot!!!! he is the most improved shooter at Easton FTC. he will be a contender at the State level next year for Finals if he so chooses to compete. Jim has a great attitude and finds him self at the other end of what he is used to. as a retired head Coach for a local High School football team, he has lead his team to countless championship wins. his last year went 10 and 0 for a perfect season. he is a team player, and it shows. he knows what it takes to win and how to do it, but most of all having fun at it.

Then Lonnie S. showed up. what a surprise that was. i have been trying to get him to show up for quite a while now, and that he did. to top it all off, he brought 3 beautiful target and donated them to the club. a super big thank you Lonnie. this is just what Easton Field Target Club needed. they are Dick Otton's face plates Lonnie happen to pick up before Dick folded up his business. it is super cool having these mounted on Gamo mechanisms.  the paint job Lonnie did on these face plates are incredible imo. i will have to get the technique on how he does it. on top of all that, Lonnie burned up the lanes with a score of 44/46. wahoooooo. it was his first time on the course and he blew doors on the competition. his performance always stands out where ever he goes. if were not for him over rotating his target turret, he could have very well cleaned the course. please come see us again Lonnie :)

Frank B. showed some out standing shooting using his new Cometa spring gun. what a beauty she is with that custom like stock. i picked it up and the balance is incredible. the wood work is great and the pistol grip is nothing short of excellent. nice find there Frank. perhaps next time i can talk my way into shooting it. :)

now its time for my favorite part......the BBQ :) so i went over and cooked up some yummie hamburgers topped off with mustard, ketchup, and nice juicy sliced pickles. :) Jim R brought some of his prized home made cookies. he had hardly any left at the end of the match and that box was full of em lol. i didn't have any so that ment the five remaining shooters really like em lol.

then came the shoot off between Riz M and Ernie O for second  as they had tied at 42/46. i really liked the way Scotty York ran his shoot off at the Nationals in 2009 and that is placing 2 targets in the mid 30 yard range with a doable kz. the first one to knock there own target down wins. both take a seated position first with a pellet in hand. on the word GO, both shooters loaded and proceed to range and just about the time Ernie was settling in,  Riz's sear broke and the target fell. Riz must have broke that shot in under 7 seconds. Out standing shooting !!! i feel that in a hunting situation one is forced with a quick shot. no time for dilly dallying around. to shoot that quick one has to know his/her rig. hats off to the both of ya. great shooting.

then came the Pistol event. Richard shot Hunter class with Jim R. Jim just strapped on his scope and just set up the last few numbers to give it a go for the shoot. Richard on the other hand came all ready to go and for his very first match takes hunter class with a score of 21. great shooting and look forward to seeing ya next time as all had indicated. :)

Mean while in Open class, Ernie O is tearing it up again and it is a battle for 1st place between Lonnie. Lonnie is loven this open ground shooting and while Ernie is relieved not to see Guy O on his heels, he has a new night mare ----and that is Lonnie S with a borrowed Riz gun. all Riz's pistols run so perfect. i bet that was a pure joy to shoot.  Even though Lonnie showed an an outstanding performance on new ground, Ernie O turned up the heat and defended his title at Easton FTC by only one shot......a nail biter for sure.he says he might go for that new Mrod pistol from Crosman. dito that!. should be a good one. Ernie will be a contender know matter what he picks up. all he has to do is breath on it, and it is magically runen like a Swiss Watch. great shooting.

I Had a Blast!!
Ronnie Easton MD

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Match this Saturday the 13th of November

hello everyone. I look forward to having another great time at the next match. we have a really fun group of shooters. we have a new score board for the club and Ernie O has made some new sight in targets for us. a big thank you Ernie for your efforts. Ernie donated 4 of them when the club first opened. they were so good i requested him to make 7 more for a total of 11 on the course. this time  Ernie included brackets on the back side to hold a card board backer, and it then can be dropped in as opposed of using masking tape to hold it on the frame. the result is a more streamed line approach for set up. look forward to seeing them. they should be real nice.


for this month and perhaps next month we will be setting up on trap lane #2 instead of where we usually are on trap lane #6. the range is undergoing a lead abatement process and we have been asked to move over a bit. this will give us some new ground to shoot on so it should be exciting. however, the parking is not so good so park to the left of the retail store and access the firing line through the chain link fence.
or call me at 916 752 6762. you shouldn't have problems finding us though. :) we will have shade too but the weather is indicating the temperature to be in the mid 60's so the morning ought to be brisk. bring a jacket :) we also need to get rolling a bit earlier than what we have been doing. last match was much better on start time, but we need to have the safety meeting at around 930 am. so this means setting up is at least an hour with some sight in practice. i think this can be achieved quite easily and in the end we will end at around 12:30, start a bbq, then go right into Pistol f/t for a 24 shot course and end by 2:00 pm. we can tear down after that and if guys want to hang around and talk for as long as they like is great. i think we will have more shooters attending when we start on time and end on time so they can plan there day accordingly. see ya there. i can't wait to see everyone again

Ronnie Easton MD