Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas :) and a Happy New Year To All.

see everyone at the next match.

Ronnie Easton
Match Director
916 752 6762

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12-10-11 Match Report

The weather was fantastic! it started out a little brisk as ice were still on the grounds when starting to set up the course. in no time things started to thaw out. everyone looked a little different this match as all of us were bundled up pretty good for the cold. :)  by the time the match started, after sharing some decaf coffee and shelling out the usual air gun BS, it were warm enough to take off the gloves. by noon the jackets came off and started to get a little warm. the wind was nothing. it was as perfect as perfect can get in the middle of December. all in all a super fantastic day, and we welcome our newest member Warren to the club. thank you Warren for your membership fee of 35 dollars. this will go to some more targets for the open sight pistol course we have been trying out with great success. i would like to join you guys but need a pistol. Fred brought his RWS 6M spring pistol this time. what a treat that was shooting it. thanks Fred!  you have a super nice rig! :)

the Rifle course was challenging as others had indicated. we had a standing lane and a kneeling lane in a 44 shot course. the distances were a little unusual as in prior matches as a majority of the targets were in the mid 30's and 40's with some right around 50 yards. then there were the close ones with the tiny Kill Zones placed super close to the 10 yard mark. Nationals is coming up in only 9 months and the amazing part is that it is in Grants Pass Oregon this year. Wayne and Mark at the Ashland Air Rifle Range are hosting the event. early registration gets a big discount.

My wife stopped by to say hello to everyone at the club. she said it were a pleasure to meet everyone.

While Warren and Fred shot Open Sight Pistol class, JimC, Russ, and JimR  took up the sticks in Rifle Hunter class. i can't believe how well Russ is doing right away despite the pain in his arm. all is healing well but will take some time. i shot against my self as Red was unable to make it this time. see ya next time Red. we all missed you and Scott. Scott had a 50 mile bicycle ride with his other buddies but  broke a derailer and limped the rest of the way home in single speed. lol. :) we all missed you Scott.  you guys were missed and hope to see ya at the next match/fun shoot.

while most everyone left around 1pm i stuck around shot the Open Class Pistol  course. then left with a big grin. that was one of the funnest times i've had at the club.  i had a blast!!!!

btw-- it sure pleases me to no end on how everyone is helping set up the course and showing up early. A BIG Thank you to everyone. :) have a Merry Christmas ....see ya next year.

Ronnie Easton
Match Director

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Match/Fun shoot is on for this Saturday.

hope to see everyone out there this Saturday the 10th of December.
the weather will be cold in the am but should warm up pretty good by 11 am.

i will bring some decaf coffee and some donuts if i can work it in.

i hope new shooters will join us too. please come on out and support your local club.

set up at 8am
meeting  9am
hot        9:15am

Ronnie Easton Match Director
916 752 6762