Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Monday, April 18, 2011

Diablo Golf Match 4/17/11

on behalf of Easotn Field Target Club we just want to say ---Congratulations JimR for an outstanding performance in taking 1st place in Hunter Class at the Diabl Field Target Club in Concord Ca. a total of 9 shooters entered the hunter class. great shooting!! training on open ground at the Easton club has made Jim progress at this level in such a short period of learns wind here real fast.   going up against veterans in that club is a feat in it self. they are all fantastic shots. congrats to the rest of the club members at Diablo FTC for putting on a great and challenging Golf Match where targets were place as far as 60 yards.

also special thanks to Jon Reyes MD and National Champion for hosting the event. Jon has announced he will be moving to Brazil and practicing International Law. we wish you the Best. he came, he saw, he conquered.
Take care Jon

Ronnie Easton MD

Monday, April 11, 2011


the weather was incredible! a light wind came up from the North but alternated from the east to south east as the day progressed. this made hitting the mark very challenging  with our air guns, but over all, everyone had a blast. i know i did.

we had a nice turn out of some brand new shooters to the club. we missed some of the crew as they had some prior engagements. i must say, they missed out. i look forward to seeing our usual crew next time to include Riz, Lonnie, Guy,  and Kevin from the Diablo club in concord and many more. we also missed Frank but Jim R and Jim C made it great cause they were there to offer help to shooters. thanks a lot guys. Frank was having a great time in the dessert watching everything Bloom. as a photographer, he likes to capture the beauty at these certain times of year.

JimC showing Scott a trick or two. Scott likes to shoot  a variety of guns. we look forward to seeing ya again next month.

i encourage all club members to attend the diablo club only 1 1/2hrs away. perhaps as a club, we could all go down that way one day.

Amy and Joel kicking back enjoying the scene. the weather had to have been in the mid to upper 70's.

I shot a 45/48 today with my Air Arms S400  but pails in comparison to Jimr's score of 42/48 shooting hunter class and Steve's 41/48 using a sub 12 fpe springer lol. you guys are on fire. i will have to make the course a little harder next time. :)  thanks for the great cookies Jim. they were fantastic. i think your personal best. :) and thank you Steve for helping set up the course. driving all that way and still allowing set up time is greatly appreciated. this is what makes a club! team effort! i appreciate all the help from all the other new shooters in setting up and helping out. thank you.

it was super nice meeting everyone. wow!!!!! 8 new shooters to the club. at this rate, we should have a pretty good size club at years end. i super enjoyed meeting everyone and Joel and Amy had a fun time practicing on those knock down targets.

Scott joined in on the fun and looks forward to coming back as Jon, Don, Roger, Gary and Levi said the same. what a great bunch we have.

see ya next time.

Ronnie Easton MD

Sunday, April 3, 2011

F/T Match this Saturday the 9th at Rancho Cordova Shooting Center in Sacramento!

hope to see everyone. the weather looks great for next weekend. match starts at 9 am.
set up is at 8 am

Ronnie Easton MD in Sacramento.