Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Monday, November 23, 2015

Our first Match with the new Name. Nor Cal Air Gun Club ( NCAGC)

The weather was fantastic here in Sacramento on Saturday!! we just couldn't ask for better conditions for a late November shoot. it had to be in the 70's all  day.  the morning was a little brisk but just as we finished setting the course, the warm sun was hitting our backs.

we had 3 squads for a total  of 6 shooters. i think if we had another 4, we would be getting real close to our  goal of 12 shooters participating on a regular basis.  Hats off to Chris and Gabriel for driving up. we had a few more who wanted to attend but couldn't make it this time.  so thanks for considering attending the match. you know who you are.

Now that Scott is our Match director, Ronnie will be having more energy to write the Match Reports. it  sure is nice having a group of guys you can hand off some responsibility to and are happy to take it on. so a big thank you to everyone.

we had a few problems with some targets. the two owls on the posts needed to be secured better. we know what to do now on those for future matches. we also wanted to mount two other targets on pavers that had staked into the ground. we are correcting that. also, the crow UK knock down target, was loose on the mount and needs an adjuster screw to be installed to correctly set the paddle at the proper angle. so Scott took them home and is working on these for the next match. a big thank you there Scott. combined with  the tank targets he made for the club and repairing issues on targets, he is a credit to the club and am super proud to  have you on board and very worthy of his new title as MD.

then there is Worran and Fred. both arrive early on a regular basis and put fresh paint on targets and taped kill zones with paper thin yellow masking tape. i must say, it is nice. Fred is also our prized painter for the face plates. he is amazing. pictured is one face plate made by Dick Otton. these things are bomb proof!

sight  in started at 9am. we began the match  around 9.45 leaving plenty of BSing to go around. get a few air gunners together and the talking never stops till its time to get serious, although there were plenty of laughs through out  the day on the course.

the wind was good for the sight in and for the first 5-6 lanes. the last 5 or 6 presented some challenging shots as the wind was changing directions between shots. the course was set pretty challenging to begin with but adding some wind into the equation made it super fun. we all did great.

Scott and Ronnie scored 7/8 of the standing and kneeling lanes which I personally was very proud of. great shooting Scott. you are on your way.

Fred performed his usual or there a bouts ending with a 44/52 and tied with Scott for 1st place in Hunter class. next time there will be a shoot off. Warron was close behind with a 41. Warron had missed a couple in the standing he normally doesn't do. close game you guys. catching Fred is a feet in its self. so keep it up.

as for Chris and Ronnie, well Ronnie got Chris by only 2 points, but with the target issues we had,  a rematch is needed. they gave Ronnie 1 point for the crow not working properly and another when one of the owls wasn't fastened properly. so who knows. Chris missed a couple in the kneeling but looking at his knee it was no wonder why. he had injured it at work a day or so before the match. Gabriel was getting his sub 12 fpe LG 110 all set up as it is pretty new. i don't know exactly what his score was but i believe it were a 38. hate to see him when he is all dialed in next spring. he has typically done little better with his beloved EV2 that was stolen a couple months back.

the most important thing is that we all had a blast shooting together, and we all hooked up  at a burger place for some lunch afterwards. thank you guys for that.

Ronnie Easton

Saturday, November 7, 2015

We had a Blast competing this year

we also gained a few shooters who attend on a regular basis. you know who you are so  a big thank you for the support.  for the future we plan on shooting bench rest competition in the winter months along with field target. we have a new gazebo and BBQ. we look forward to using it.

please call if interested.
Ron Easton
Sacramento ca