Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Easton's Air Bus

i am proud to announce that Easton Field Target club has some wheels to run to club events. seats 8 but 6 real cozy plus gear. tinted windows, cruze control, and a/c. now members can ride in style together. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Air Gun Fun Day

hope to see everyone out there. this should be real exciting. i have a new venue in mind, and i would like to share it all with you.

if you need help in setting up a gun, this is the time to come on out.

keep the power bellow 20 fpe. we need to preserve our targets.
we are meeting on trap lane #1
Ronnie Easton

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9th Match/Fun shoot

the weather was as nice as Sacramento could be in July. last July it reached 107 F so the 93 F today was a walk in the park. We had a wonderful surprise with Rick Z to the club. a former shooter who has been around the block once or twice is a great credit to the club while giving some advise on course lay out and the use of the facility and was in agreement with Kevin Y, and Zaldy that perhaps another trap lane would suit the venue a bit better.  i think we can make this happen. how exciting it were for me to get some real feed back on how EFTC can create an even better course. thanks guys! much appreciated. more to follow.

one fine shooter to the club is Jake :) what was more impressive for  me is how Jake handles a rifle. i have been looking to have a youngster on board and it pleases me to no end to have such a well mannered young man.  give this guy a couple of years of FT and a little help, and we could have a new lethal shooter burning up the lanes abroad. Jake was using an older HW borrowed from another new shooter to the club. Steve had been working with the lad for some time i could tell, although he did not say. the Kid absolutely ripped it up  on what i would call a pretty tough course. as a matter of fact, the guys after the match thought it were a little too tough. so  i will work on the part too .  Jake earned 2 points per Kill and 0 points for a face plate hit which came to 32/48 which is a tougher way of scoring youngsters than the added 1 point for a face plate hit. i am along the line that there is no reward in a missed shot. Jake is 12 years of age ...........with 13 coming soon. pictured bellow was taken right after Jake banged down a 27 yard target with a 3/4 inch KZ made by Joel. double click the photo and it will expand large enough to see the target down. Joel is designing target face plates for the club and we all  super appreciate it!

we have an off hand shooter to the club and Scott is used to shooting Big Bore Black Powder silloette. thank you Scott for being there when the club needs your support the most. it is much appreciated when you are waiting on me to get to the club.  pictured is him taking a standing shot as he pretty much shoots the entire course that way. which brings up an issue we had  all talked about, and that is, would it be better to creat a sepperate class for standing? or, use a risk rewards type system class were 2 points are awarded in FT when taking a standing shot and the traditional 1 point when taken in the sitting. 

Kevin Y and I teamed up and shot the course using the risk rewards based system. Kevin brought his Spring gun out for some good old summer fun and took many risks standing and ended up with the same score as Riz who shot the  course the traditional way---1 point per kill in the sitting.

after kicking it around after the match, it were all  pretty much decided that a seperate class for standing might be more prudent for rifle.  what is interesting is that Kevin and Riz tied with a 45/48 but kevin missed a whole lot more than Riz did. they arrived at the same score but in different ways. it would be hard to say who shot better but Riz missed less. i think that is something to analyse. also, if a shooter knows the score of the other shooter in the lead, he might take more risk knowing he has nothing to loose. a rule could be in place prohibiting others looking at other score cards but would result in too much for a Match Director to police. besides, Kevin never looked at Riz's card but over herd someone talking about his outstanding score. i could see this happening on courses. i keep an open mind but i do see a potential problem now that we have tried it.
also, it might not be a fair comparison as Kevin was shooting a spring gun and Riz a pcp. 

thanks everyone for coming out to the club. it sure seemed like everyone had a great time. i know i did. :)
see ya next time.

Ronnie Easton Match Director

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

F/T Match this Saturday the 9th of July

i hope to see everyone there happy.gif we look forward to seeing a few new shooters to the sport and club also. if you are a new shooter in the area and wondering about Field Target, please call or come by to check us out. bring your air gun too. there will be a bbq and soft drinks. i will be there setting up around 8am. the match will start after set up and the shooters meeting. there is plenty of shade for us so do not fear the heat. happy.gif we should end around 1230-100pm if everyone gets there early enough. a cooling trend is on the fore cast also. the club house/ retail store has soft drinks and munchies too. we will be meeting on trap lane #2 ----left of the retail store. just walk through the chain link fence and you will see the gange. you do not have to check in at the retail store so come directly to the firing line. 
thank you 

Ronnie Easton 
916 752 6762