Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas :) and a Happy New Year To All.

see everyone at the next match.

Ronnie Easton
Match Director
916 752 6762

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12-10-11 Match Report

The weather was fantastic! it started out a little brisk as ice were still on the grounds when starting to set up the course. in no time things started to thaw out. everyone looked a little different this match as all of us were bundled up pretty good for the cold. :)  by the time the match started, after sharing some decaf coffee and shelling out the usual air gun BS, it were warm enough to take off the gloves. by noon the jackets came off and started to get a little warm. the wind was nothing. it was as perfect as perfect can get in the middle of December. all in all a super fantastic day, and we welcome our newest member Warren to the club. thank you Warren for your membership fee of 35 dollars. this will go to some more targets for the open sight pistol course we have been trying out with great success. i would like to join you guys but need a pistol. Fred brought his RWS 6M spring pistol this time. what a treat that was shooting it. thanks Fred!  you have a super nice rig! :)

the Rifle course was challenging as others had indicated. we had a standing lane and a kneeling lane in a 44 shot course. the distances were a little unusual as in prior matches as a majority of the targets were in the mid 30's and 40's with some right around 50 yards. then there were the close ones with the tiny Kill Zones placed super close to the 10 yard mark. Nationals is coming up in only 9 months and the amazing part is that it is in Grants Pass Oregon this year. Wayne and Mark at the Ashland Air Rifle Range are hosting the event. early registration gets a big discount.

My wife stopped by to say hello to everyone at the club. she said it were a pleasure to meet everyone.

While Warren and Fred shot Open Sight Pistol class, JimC, Russ, and JimR  took up the sticks in Rifle Hunter class. i can't believe how well Russ is doing right away despite the pain in his arm. all is healing well but will take some time. i shot against my self as Red was unable to make it this time. see ya next time Red. we all missed you and Scott. Scott had a 50 mile bicycle ride with his other buddies but  broke a derailer and limped the rest of the way home in single speed. lol. :) we all missed you Scott.  you guys were missed and hope to see ya at the next match/fun shoot.

while most everyone left around 1pm i stuck around shot the Open Class Pistol  course. then left with a big grin. that was one of the funnest times i've had at the club.  i had a blast!!!!

btw-- it sure pleases me to no end on how everyone is helping set up the course and showing up early. A BIG Thank you to everyone. :) have a Merry Christmas ....see ya next year.

Ronnie Easton
Match Director

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Match/Fun shoot is on for this Saturday.

hope to see everyone out there this Saturday the 10th of December.
the weather will be cold in the am but should warm up pretty good by 11 am.

i will bring some decaf coffee and some donuts if i can work it in.

i hope new shooters will join us too. please come on out and support your local club.

set up at 8am
meeting  9am
hot        9:15am

Ronnie Easton Match Director
916 752 6762

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Targets and Face Plates

i ordered up 3 more targets and 6 more face plates for  EFTC. total expense are approximately 100 dollars. we will need to see some more memberships before we get more. EFTC counts on memberships for target maintenance, trophies, ect. as soon as we get more membership fees in, we will expand our inventory and perhaps get some hats and give them to members.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Match Report for 12 Nov 2011

The weather was extremely nice! i do not know what it is about EastonFTC getting so many nice days when we meet up, but i am not going to argue lol. we are blessed with nice weather it seams all the time even when the forecast says otherwise.

the club is doing well. , we can now grow to my expectations. we have a super fine group of shooters, and it pleases me to no end on how we all get along so well. :)

i made some changes to the course lay out and asked for some feed back after the match on what the members thought. with more than a positive feed back we all decided to add 3 targets to most of the lanes. this will give the open site/red dot/scope standing shooters a much better and more realistic course. the pistol  shooters will shoot at the 2 closest targets while the Rifle shooters will shoot at the 2 furthest targets.  in this particular class(standing) we award 1 point for a face plate hit and 2 points for a kill zone knock down hit. distances are 7-30 yards and is quit fun to play. Fred is our top shooter nudging out Scott only by a couple and Scott would get him now and then by the same. well Fred went home last match and got his A game on for this match and shot a blistering 44 on the first pass and a 41 on the second go around. that is simply smoken hot.......!! and very consistent. Fred shot with a new member Warren. Warren is a super nice fellow and one heck of a great shot out of the box. for his first match he did an off the scale performance shooting a 34 and a 31. Look out.... i see him having a great deal of fun and will get some more numbers down for next time. nice having you out Warren and see ya next time. Scott is doing well and working on some issues with both of his guns right now as they are not up to snuff lately. so together we will figure it out.

mean while in rifle land, Jim and Russ took up the sticks and had a blast. Russ is also new to the EastonFTC seen, but i can tell this guy knows how this game works and is good at it. after a recent motorcycle accident, he is still not even close to 100 percent and is already scoring high. i look for this guy to be at the top of his game at years end. Despite his neck pain, he still shows up early and helps out with what he can. a big thank you Russ for your support. don't over do it setting up. we need ya! :)

finally, there is Red. my open class shooter. now i get someone to compete with :) as most all other shooters are standing class or Hunter class. Red is one fine shooter with a natural born ability. for his first real match, he scored a 28/40 up against my 33/40. then Jim Cyran tied my score shooting Hunter. we had both a standing lane and a kneeling lane. we had quite a few  targets at the 55 yard range.  WOW!! that is smoken hot guys!!!!! the wind was kind of crazy at times shifting from one direction to another although only at around 8-10mph.  i have been told by others out side the club that i should let others win one once in a while. my answer to that is i play to win, and if you beat me, it is authentic and real. Red will one day kick my booty across the field but not today lol. :) we have been working on his BC and numbers and setting up his scope ect.   Red listens and understands everything mentioned to him. he reminds me of another member at the club.....JimR. look forward to JimR returning at the next match.

see ya next time gents. it was a pleasure shooting with you all. i had a blast!!

the Nationals in 2012 will be held in Grants Pass Oregon. Wayne Burns and Mark Gravelle will be hosting the event. i encourage all members to attend this event. it has been several years since the last National event were held in this part of the country.

Ronnie Easton
Match Director

Saturday, November 12, 2011

FT match/ fun shoot is on Today

the weather looks great. a little foggy in the a.m. but should warm up by 10 am.
set up at 8 am
meeting at 9am
see ya out there.
916 752 6762


Monday, October 3, 2011

Match this Saturday

hope to see everyone out there :)

set up 8am
safety meeting at 9am
then the fun begins.......  :)

look forward to shooting on the new course!!! it is pretty cool....

Ronnie Easton
Match Director

Monday, September 26, 2011

Targets Ready To Go

Ashland Air Rifle Range  is going to put on a spread for nearly the entire air gunning world. EastonFTC is donating 15 of our targets for the cause. Held this coming weekend in Grants Pass, Or. we wish Wayne B, Mark G,  and Bob P. all the best and a big thank you from the Easton FTC.

Here are the targets you requested. i went through every one checking for proper function and then painted em all. :)


Monday, September 19, 2011

AAFTA sanctioned event

we will be hosting an AAFTA sanctioned event on the following match. please come on out at the October 8th match and support your local club.

Ronnie Easton
Match Director
916 752 6762

Monday, September 12, 2011

fun shoot/ match report

we had a blast shooting together but only a total of 4 shooters including my self showed. the club is not getting the support as i anticipated. we need more shooters. if you are in the area and want to try out a fun and exciting game, come on out or give me a ring.

the pistol open sights class is a lot of fun. i used a crosman 1377 up against Scotts Marksman pistol. both cost under 50 dollars and are a complete hoot to shoot. Fred used his IZH, and for his 2nd match, kicked some serious booty. 1 point for a face plate hit and 2 points for a kill zone knock down. 25 shots or so and we shoot at the close target on the rifle course. as Jim and I shot rifle together, Scott and Fred took up there pistols on the new course. Fred had nudged out Scott by 2points on the last match so Scott paid him back this time with a 2 point lead in open sight class. great work Scott. better stay on your game cause i have a feeling we have another shooter with us and is gunna practice :)

Fred also has a crosman 2240 177 and a little scope. although he had just took delevery on it from the custom shop, he just walked away from Scott and I. lol. you are a shot Fred, and it is very nice having you on board. thanks for supporting your local club and thank you also for your contribution of 35 dollars for memnbership as this will get the club some things we need. i would like to give out hat pins in the future.  perhaps we can all get together and plan or make designs on how we want the pins to look like.

Jim C showed up and brought a can of woop ass with him. lol. he burned up the new course shooting Hunter as if it were nothing and  beating me by 2. Wow. we had a 58 yard, a55 yard, and a 51 yard target along with some severely elevated targets including a 43 yard 9 foot in the air shot, in which case Jim had no problem as his pellet smacked em down with authority. he has finally got his long game down and has become an amazing shot over the last year in f/t. congrats Jim on hitting your goal------40/48. nice work. if it were not for the rediculas 41 yard off hand shots i had on the course, you coulda woulda done better.i think we need to move that one in a little. lol.

thanks all for coming out and having some real fun.

Ronnie Easton
Match Director

Monday, September 5, 2011

fun shoot / match this Saturday the 10th

last fun shoot we introduced a sub 6 fpe class standing open sights and shooters liked it. i think everyone owns a cheep pellet pistol.  after talking it over a bit, it was decided to be 25 was a hoot on the new course. 1 shot for a face plate hit and 2 points for a kill zone hit.

 for rifle, some elevated targets have been added and a great deal of time and preperation has been devoted on a better course. come on out and see and support  air gunning and your local club, talk air guns, and meet new people. new shooters welcome.
the Easton Field Target Club meets on skeet range 1 to the far left of the retail store. you do not need to check in, just come on out and see the gang.

course set up 8am
safety meeting 9am
the fun begins at 915 am till 1.30pm

Ronnie Easton
Match Director
916 752 6762

Monday, August 8, 2011

fun shoot this Saturday the 13th

i look forward to seeing some new shooters this Saturday. we will be meeting on skeet lane #1. a new course has been planned and a new lay out. might be interesting as some new elevated shots have been added with at least 2 wind directions to combat against. should be some real fun.

i hope to see some youngsters out there too. so mom and dad, bring the kids if they can handle an air gun.

course set up-----800am
sight in        ------900am
safety meeting----915am
fun shoot/match---930am

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Easton's Air Bus

i am proud to announce that Easton Field Target club has some wheels to run to club events. seats 8 but 6 real cozy plus gear. tinted windows, cruze control, and a/c. now members can ride in style together. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Air Gun Fun Day

hope to see everyone out there. this should be real exciting. i have a new venue in mind, and i would like to share it all with you.

if you need help in setting up a gun, this is the time to come on out.

keep the power bellow 20 fpe. we need to preserve our targets.
we are meeting on trap lane #1
Ronnie Easton

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9th Match/Fun shoot

the weather was as nice as Sacramento could be in July. last July it reached 107 F so the 93 F today was a walk in the park. We had a wonderful surprise with Rick Z to the club. a former shooter who has been around the block once or twice is a great credit to the club while giving some advise on course lay out and the use of the facility and was in agreement with Kevin Y, and Zaldy that perhaps another trap lane would suit the venue a bit better.  i think we can make this happen. how exciting it were for me to get some real feed back on how EFTC can create an even better course. thanks guys! much appreciated. more to follow.

one fine shooter to the club is Jake :) what was more impressive for  me is how Jake handles a rifle. i have been looking to have a youngster on board and it pleases me to no end to have such a well mannered young man.  give this guy a couple of years of FT and a little help, and we could have a new lethal shooter burning up the lanes abroad. Jake was using an older HW borrowed from another new shooter to the club. Steve had been working with the lad for some time i could tell, although he did not say. the Kid absolutely ripped it up  on what i would call a pretty tough course. as a matter of fact, the guys after the match thought it were a little too tough. so  i will work on the part too .  Jake earned 2 points per Kill and 0 points for a face plate hit which came to 32/48 which is a tougher way of scoring youngsters than the added 1 point for a face plate hit. i am along the line that there is no reward in a missed shot. Jake is 12 years of age ...........with 13 coming soon. pictured bellow was taken right after Jake banged down a 27 yard target with a 3/4 inch KZ made by Joel. double click the photo and it will expand large enough to see the target down. Joel is designing target face plates for the club and we all  super appreciate it!

we have an off hand shooter to the club and Scott is used to shooting Big Bore Black Powder silloette. thank you Scott for being there when the club needs your support the most. it is much appreciated when you are waiting on me to get to the club.  pictured is him taking a standing shot as he pretty much shoots the entire course that way. which brings up an issue we had  all talked about, and that is, would it be better to creat a sepperate class for standing? or, use a risk rewards type system class were 2 points are awarded in FT when taking a standing shot and the traditional 1 point when taken in the sitting. 

Kevin Y and I teamed up and shot the course using the risk rewards based system. Kevin brought his Spring gun out for some good old summer fun and took many risks standing and ended up with the same score as Riz who shot the  course the traditional way---1 point per kill in the sitting.

after kicking it around after the match, it were all  pretty much decided that a seperate class for standing might be more prudent for rifle.  what is interesting is that Kevin and Riz tied with a 45/48 but kevin missed a whole lot more than Riz did. they arrived at the same score but in different ways. it would be hard to say who shot better but Riz missed less. i think that is something to analyse. also, if a shooter knows the score of the other shooter in the lead, he might take more risk knowing he has nothing to loose. a rule could be in place prohibiting others looking at other score cards but would result in too much for a Match Director to police. besides, Kevin never looked at Riz's card but over herd someone talking about his outstanding score. i could see this happening on courses. i keep an open mind but i do see a potential problem now that we have tried it.
also, it might not be a fair comparison as Kevin was shooting a spring gun and Riz a pcp. 

thanks everyone for coming out to the club. it sure seemed like everyone had a great time. i know i did. :)
see ya next time.

Ronnie Easton Match Director

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

F/T Match this Saturday the 9th of July

i hope to see everyone there happy.gif we look forward to seeing a few new shooters to the sport and club also. if you are a new shooter in the area and wondering about Field Target, please call or come by to check us out. bring your air gun too. there will be a bbq and soft drinks. i will be there setting up around 8am. the match will start after set up and the shooters meeting. there is plenty of shade for us so do not fear the heat. happy.gif we should end around 1230-100pm if everyone gets there early enough. a cooling trend is on the fore cast also. the club house/ retail store has soft drinks and munchies too. we will be meeting on trap lane #2 ----left of the retail store. just walk through the chain link fence and you will see the gange. you do not have to check in at the retail store so come directly to the firing line. 
thank you 

Ronnie Easton 
916 752 6762

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Easton Field Target Club Match is on for this Saturday the 11th


I hope to see everyone out there. we will be meeting on trap lane #2.  i will be setting up the course at 8am. we will start the match afterwards with some sighters before hand as usual. the more help the better for me so show up early and give me a hand if at all possible. thanks for all the support. :)

Ronnie Easton
Match Diretor
916 752 6762

Friday, May 13, 2011

fun shoot / match this Saturday the 14th

see ya out there everyone. i will be there at 8am setting up. match starts after set up.
we will have a BBQ with our new mini weber. hot dogs and burgers and sodas.

Ronnie Easton Md
752 6762

Monday, April 18, 2011

Diablo Golf Match 4/17/11

on behalf of Easotn Field Target Club we just want to say ---Congratulations JimR for an outstanding performance in taking 1st place in Hunter Class at the Diabl Field Target Club in Concord Ca. a total of 9 shooters entered the hunter class. great shooting!! training on open ground at the Easton club has made Jim progress at this level in such a short period of learns wind here real fast.   going up against veterans in that club is a feat in it self. they are all fantastic shots. congrats to the rest of the club members at Diablo FTC for putting on a great and challenging Golf Match where targets were place as far as 60 yards.

also special thanks to Jon Reyes MD and National Champion for hosting the event. Jon has announced he will be moving to Brazil and practicing International Law. we wish you the Best. he came, he saw, he conquered.
Take care Jon

Ronnie Easton MD

Monday, April 11, 2011


the weather was incredible! a light wind came up from the North but alternated from the east to south east as the day progressed. this made hitting the mark very challenging  with our air guns, but over all, everyone had a blast. i know i did.

we had a nice turn out of some brand new shooters to the club. we missed some of the crew as they had some prior engagements. i must say, they missed out. i look forward to seeing our usual crew next time to include Riz, Lonnie, Guy,  and Kevin from the Diablo club in concord and many more. we also missed Frank but Jim R and Jim C made it great cause they were there to offer help to shooters. thanks a lot guys. Frank was having a great time in the dessert watching everything Bloom. as a photographer, he likes to capture the beauty at these certain times of year.

JimC showing Scott a trick or two. Scott likes to shoot  a variety of guns. we look forward to seeing ya again next month.

i encourage all club members to attend the diablo club only 1 1/2hrs away. perhaps as a club, we could all go down that way one day.

Amy and Joel kicking back enjoying the scene. the weather had to have been in the mid to upper 70's.

I shot a 45/48 today with my Air Arms S400  but pails in comparison to Jimr's score of 42/48 shooting hunter class and Steve's 41/48 using a sub 12 fpe springer lol. you guys are on fire. i will have to make the course a little harder next time. :)  thanks for the great cookies Jim. they were fantastic. i think your personal best. :) and thank you Steve for helping set up the course. driving all that way and still allowing set up time is greatly appreciated. this is what makes a club! team effort! i appreciate all the help from all the other new shooters in setting up and helping out. thank you.

it was super nice meeting everyone. wow!!!!! 8 new shooters to the club. at this rate, we should have a pretty good size club at years end. i super enjoyed meeting everyone and Joel and Amy had a fun time practicing on those knock down targets.

Scott joined in on the fun and looks forward to coming back as Jon, Don, Roger, Gary and Levi said the same. what a great bunch we have.

see ya next time.

Ronnie Easton MD

Sunday, April 3, 2011

F/T Match this Saturday the 9th at Rancho Cordova Shooting Center in Sacramento!

hope to see everyone. the weather looks great for next weekend. match starts at 9 am.
set up is at 8 am

Ronnie Easton MD in Sacramento.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Risk Rewards

Risk Rewards is a way of shooting a match. it can be done using a rifle or pistol. i would like some input please if you feel this is way off base here. i on the other hand think it is pretty exciting.

on the next match, we may try this out in pistol. i have no real desire to do this in rifle though. however, if members feel it is better, i could be presuaded.  basically, it works like this:

1. course set up is exactly the same as usual but kill zones are opened up to entice the standing shot.
2. the game works basically the same way.
3. the only difference is that a shooter can take his shot in the sitting in Open and chair position for Hunter, or he  can double his points and take it in the standing. if taken in the standing, then 2 points awarded for a knock down.

this adds a whole new dimension to the game.  i think this may be something worth trying out :) it also duplicates a hunting  environment.

Ronnie Easton

Friday, February 4, 2011

Club Dues

as discussed when the club first started, we would wave the membership fee for the rest of 2010 as a way to promote shooters in attending. i would like to thank all of you for your support and everything. we have made friendships and got to know each other pretty good. i look forward to seeing more shooters in the club this year.

a payment of gratitude has been made to most of  the Diablo Club members that i shot with at that time. for this year, there fee will be the same as a member when it comes to match day. $15.00 this is were it all started for me. i learned a great deal at the Diablo Club. mainly from my former Match Director Kevin. look forward to shooting together this year.

membership-35 per year. this is the same for members joining half way through the year.
non members pay $20.00 per shoot day.

March will be a good month for us. John Brooks is hosting an Air Gun Expo in Roseville. look for further updates here later. it would be great if some members could be there and tell others about it. it will be great for our club and sport. we will pick up a great many shooters at this event. count on it.

i have devoted plenty of resources into this cause and do not expect to be reinburst for that. however, to perpetuate the club further we will be needing some more things. the member ship fee will cover some of those things. a raffle may just put us over the top. any donations for a raffle would be greatly appreciated also.

a big thank you to our Brand new member Richard A. he has donated 3 quadrant targets to the club for our site in range. they look very nice!!!!! i  thought that was just way too generous and tried to refuse but Richard  insisted on it. so again Richard, thank you for your generosity. :)

Ronnie Easton MD

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rule changes for Pistol Field Target

There has been a small group of people organizing rule changes, according to Wayne Burns from the Ashland Air Rifle Range, and are elected to form a committee to decide, organize, and put together Official rules for Pistol Field Target implemented by the AAFTA. so be advised to either some more fun and latitude, or it also can turn the other way around and give more restrictions. at our club, we ultimately decide on rules. however, when competing at a regional or national event, one will be subject to the rules set for by the AAFTA.

so far, 12 fpe has been voted on. this is what i had anticipated from the get go. no change in our current rule on power.  this is good! good power for hunting and a more than enough power for 35 yards in f/t shooing. with this set up, a 22 cal is at no real big disadvantage over a 177 call. this is good for the true hunter and should also satisfy the true target guys with a more than impressive velocity.

currently the debate continues on scope allowable mag and fore arm/knee pads/add ons/barrel length are only a few things being discussed. stay tuned. voice your opinions to me if there is something of concern or if you feel something needs to be done. i welcome all opinions on the matter or questions.

right now, six classes are being decided on:


Ronnie Easton MD
916 752 6762

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


this write up is posted on the AAFTA web site. i would like every shooter to read this please. we all can improve.  some clubs may call it a pure social event. it is a competition event first. socializing 2nd. there can be small talk during a match. this makes for a fun time. however, when your partner sits down, keep it clean. he may not say anything at the moment but after the match, he will justify why he missed so many. don't be the target for his excuses. if you are  good partner, chances are he will pay the same respect to you. :)

Author: Rodney Boyce (R.I.P., 2009)

A definition of Field Target is that it is a freestyle shooting sport that is a
viable alternative to the other existing disciplines such as Ten Meter,
Silhouette and Benchrest. However, the foundation the sport of Field
Target is based on is gentlemanly conduct and good sportsmanship
without which our shooting sport would become at the very best
unpleasant. It behooves us all to not be distractive while others are
shooting. Avoid walking behind and around a shooter trying to
concentrate on range finding and shooting. Save idle chatter to moments
when it does not disturb others. Admittedly, all this is pretty obvious stuff,
but I know that we have all been guilty of lapsing occasionally into a “nothink” state of being distractive.
If a shooter deliberately persists in trying to rattle a fellow competitor a
terrible potential burden is placed on the Match Director. Shoot Rule
No.9 states: "The penalty for deliberate infraction of the Shoot Rules,
unsafe practice, ungentlemanly conduct or any form of cheating is
disqualification." A protest invoking this rule would certainly be a loud
sour note for any match.
The protocol of Field Target requires us to be gentlemen and supportive
of each other. If a shooter makes a good shot, say so. It's music to our
ears even if it's a "gimme".
1. Be quiet while a shooter is in the process of shooting.
2. Be mindful of other shooters while moving from lane to lane so
as not to disturb a shooter in the process of shooting. Stop
movement until the shooter has released his/her shot.
3. Be careful while moving from lane to lane so as not to disturb
others equipment

thank you for reading
Ronnie Easton MD

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1-15-2011 Match Report

It was sure nice having some sun shine early in the morning but that was short lived. the fog rolled in as we started to sight in, and the wind was coming from an unusual direction. i would say a steady cross head wind from right to left throwing point of impact (poi) off at least an inch at 40-45 yards if not more for me and my S400 22 cal moving Falcons at just over 800 fps. there is something about open ground shooting that seems to magnify things just a bit. i over heard shooters later in the match saying they had held for wind on there first shot only to find the wind would stall on them before making the next causing a face plate hit. i laughed as it had happen to me as well. :) nothing new there.

we had a great turn out as a spur of the moment shoot. the break in weather from all the rain we have had was nice and 9 total shooters showed. the Prada Cub down south was flooded under water. lucky us for not having as much rain but the grounds were a bit soggy. so it was decided to line up on the conceret. :) everyone seemed to have had a great time. i know i did.

as for the BBQ, we had some tasty burgers with zesty pickles. in the Morning we had Starbucks coffee in one of those gallon jugs for everyone to warm up....decaf of course and i must say, it was some of the best coffee i have had in a while. :)  we missed Jim R's fantastic home made cookies and treats as well as his good humor and sportsmanship. i know he was committed to some prior engagements but looks forward to the next match. :) see ya then.

on the sight in range we had Dum Dums place on the sight in targets. these sucker candies measure 1/2 inch, and Riz was vaporizing them at 55 when no body else could :)  i think it were 3 in a row leaving none for us to look at except a tiny little white stick they came with. lol. great shooting. Riz also ended up nearly cleaning the Pistol course with a score of 27/28 and taking Spring Piston class to boot. great shooting!!!

as the Match progressed the wind had died to just a hint of a breeze. this lead to the pellet not drifting over as much and that ugly face plate sound would ring loud. lol. i just love this course as the wind and open ground hone thy skills.

we had two new shooters show up :) Matt is a local business owner and finds these air guns exciting, and looks forward to shooting at the next Match as he just wanted to observe and learn how other shooters like Jim C take up the sticks and bang em down. Jim scored a 36/48 for the win in Hunter class on what i would call a pretty challenging course as Kevin Y showed up and was placing targets at challenging distances. everyone likes Kevin around as he is not only one of the best shots in the state, but  as a former MD at Diablo FT Club in the Concord area, he knows how to set up a course. so Kevin helped us all out. thanks :) we had a standing lane  with reduced Kz's, and a kneeling lane. one of targets were elevated a few feet off the ground to add a point or two to the Troyer Scale. :)  Kevin brought his Walther out for some fun this time. look forward to having you come again.

Guy O. ---- Mr National Champion in WFTF over slept lol and could not make it. hee hee......... we missed ya brother. it is always a pure pleasure having you. see next time. :)

the other new shooter Riz had talked to prior in the week and got him to show. this new shooter seemed really hooked on this AG thing so he joined in for half the shoot and took off back home as he had prior plans. thanks for coming out Allen. Allen is another one of those ringers gifted for shooting. Riz had brought an extra gun for him to try out (very kind btw), and in no time Allen was knocking them over with ease. we all look forward to seeing him again next match.

mean while back on the course Lonnie, Riz, and Frank are battling it out in Spring Piston Land. Lonnie had some poi shifts or just overall form to work on as he has taken off his knee shelf and is trying some new things out before the season really begins. i wonder what  is up his sleeve. :) .Riz on the other hand came ready to rock and slid in for 1st with a score of 36/48. Frank was teamed up with Kevin and both having fun.

Richard is another newer shooter to the club. he had shot only Pistol on the last match but this time he went for it all and entered in both events. he seems really hooked on the sport and a pure pleasure to be around. he gave it a shot in Hunter class with Jim C. Richard was doing fantastic on the course until his gun was over refilled by mistake causing him to miss the next 9 shots in a row. my guess is the excess pressure in his rifle caused the poi to be low until the pressure inside the cylinder dropped. better luck next time bud . :)  you had it going on !!!!!!!

here are some video's of the match

Ronnie Easton Md