Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Risk Rewards

Risk Rewards is a way of shooting a match. it can be done using a rifle or pistol. i would like some input please if you feel this is way off base here. i on the other hand think it is pretty exciting.

on the next match, we may try this out in pistol. i have no real desire to do this in rifle though. however, if members feel it is better, i could be presuaded.  basically, it works like this:

1. course set up is exactly the same as usual but kill zones are opened up to entice the standing shot.
2. the game works basically the same way.
3. the only difference is that a shooter can take his shot in the sitting in Open and chair position for Hunter, or he  can double his points and take it in the standing. if taken in the standing, then 2 points awarded for a knock down.

this adds a whole new dimension to the game.  i think this may be something worth trying out :) it also duplicates a hunting  environment.

Ronnie Easton

Friday, February 4, 2011

Club Dues

as discussed when the club first started, we would wave the membership fee for the rest of 2010 as a way to promote shooters in attending. i would like to thank all of you for your support and everything. we have made friendships and got to know each other pretty good. i look forward to seeing more shooters in the club this year.

a payment of gratitude has been made to most of  the Diablo Club members that i shot with at that time. for this year, there fee will be the same as a member when it comes to match day. $15.00 this is were it all started for me. i learned a great deal at the Diablo Club. mainly from my former Match Director Kevin. look forward to shooting together this year.

membership-35 per year. this is the same for members joining half way through the year.
non members pay $20.00 per shoot day.

March will be a good month for us. John Brooks is hosting an Air Gun Expo in Roseville. look for further updates here later. it would be great if some members could be there and tell others about it. it will be great for our club and sport. we will pick up a great many shooters at this event. count on it.

i have devoted plenty of resources into this cause and do not expect to be reinburst for that. however, to perpetuate the club further we will be needing some more things. the member ship fee will cover some of those things. a raffle may just put us over the top. any donations for a raffle would be greatly appreciated also.

a big thank you to our Brand new member Richard A. he has donated 3 quadrant targets to the club for our site in range. they look very nice!!!!! i  thought that was just way too generous and tried to refuse but Richard  insisted on it. so again Richard, thank you for your generosity. :)

Ronnie Easton MD

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rule changes for Pistol Field Target

There has been a small group of people organizing rule changes, according to Wayne Burns from the Ashland Air Rifle Range, and are elected to form a committee to decide, organize, and put together Official rules for Pistol Field Target implemented by the AAFTA. so be advised to either some more fun and latitude, or it also can turn the other way around and give more restrictions. at our club, we ultimately decide on rules. however, when competing at a regional or national event, one will be subject to the rules set for by the AAFTA.

so far, 12 fpe has been voted on. this is what i had anticipated from the get go. no change in our current rule on power.  this is good! good power for hunting and a more than enough power for 35 yards in f/t shooing. with this set up, a 22 cal is at no real big disadvantage over a 177 call. this is good for the true hunter and should also satisfy the true target guys with a more than impressive velocity.

currently the debate continues on scope allowable mag and fore arm/knee pads/add ons/barrel length are only a few things being discussed. stay tuned. voice your opinions to me if there is something of concern or if you feel something needs to be done. i welcome all opinions on the matter or questions.

right now, six classes are being decided on:


Ronnie Easton MD
916 752 6762

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


this write up is posted on the AAFTA web site. i would like every shooter to read this please. we all can improve.  some clubs may call it a pure social event. it is a competition event first. socializing 2nd. there can be small talk during a match. this makes for a fun time. however, when your partner sits down, keep it clean. he may not say anything at the moment but after the match, he will justify why he missed so many. don't be the target for his excuses. if you are  good partner, chances are he will pay the same respect to you. :)

Author: Rodney Boyce (R.I.P., 2009)

A definition of Field Target is that it is a freestyle shooting sport that is a
viable alternative to the other existing disciplines such as Ten Meter,
Silhouette and Benchrest. However, the foundation the sport of Field
Target is based on is gentlemanly conduct and good sportsmanship
without which our shooting sport would become at the very best
unpleasant. It behooves us all to not be distractive while others are
shooting. Avoid walking behind and around a shooter trying to
concentrate on range finding and shooting. Save idle chatter to moments
when it does not disturb others. Admittedly, all this is pretty obvious stuff,
but I know that we have all been guilty of lapsing occasionally into a “nothink” state of being distractive.
If a shooter deliberately persists in trying to rattle a fellow competitor a
terrible potential burden is placed on the Match Director. Shoot Rule
No.9 states: "The penalty for deliberate infraction of the Shoot Rules,
unsafe practice, ungentlemanly conduct or any form of cheating is
disqualification." A protest invoking this rule would certainly be a loud
sour note for any match.
The protocol of Field Target requires us to be gentlemen and supportive
of each other. If a shooter makes a good shot, say so. It's music to our
ears even if it's a "gimme".
1. Be quiet while a shooter is in the process of shooting.
2. Be mindful of other shooters while moving from lane to lane so
as not to disturb a shooter in the process of shooting. Stop
movement until the shooter has released his/her shot.
3. Be careful while moving from lane to lane so as not to disturb
others equipment

thank you for reading
Ronnie Easton MD