Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1-15-2011 Match Report

It was sure nice having some sun shine early in the morning but that was short lived. the fog rolled in as we started to sight in, and the wind was coming from an unusual direction. i would say a steady cross head wind from right to left throwing point of impact (poi) off at least an inch at 40-45 yards if not more for me and my S400 22 cal moving Falcons at just over 800 fps. there is something about open ground shooting that seems to magnify things just a bit. i over heard shooters later in the match saying they had held for wind on there first shot only to find the wind would stall on them before making the next causing a face plate hit. i laughed as it had happen to me as well. :) nothing new there.

we had a great turn out as a spur of the moment shoot. the break in weather from all the rain we have had was nice and 9 total shooters showed. the Prada Cub down south was flooded under water. lucky us for not having as much rain but the grounds were a bit soggy. so it was decided to line up on the conceret. :) everyone seemed to have had a great time. i know i did.

as for the BBQ, we had some tasty burgers with zesty pickles. in the Morning we had Starbucks coffee in one of those gallon jugs for everyone to warm up....decaf of course and i must say, it was some of the best coffee i have had in a while. :)  we missed Jim R's fantastic home made cookies and treats as well as his good humor and sportsmanship. i know he was committed to some prior engagements but looks forward to the next match. :) see ya then.

on the sight in range we had Dum Dums place on the sight in targets. these sucker candies measure 1/2 inch, and Riz was vaporizing them at 55 when no body else could :)  i think it were 3 in a row leaving none for us to look at except a tiny little white stick they came with. lol. great shooting. Riz also ended up nearly cleaning the Pistol course with a score of 27/28 and taking Spring Piston class to boot. great shooting!!!

as the Match progressed the wind had died to just a hint of a breeze. this lead to the pellet not drifting over as much and that ugly face plate sound would ring loud. lol. i just love this course as the wind and open ground hone thy skills.

we had two new shooters show up :) Matt is a local business owner and finds these air guns exciting, and looks forward to shooting at the next Match as he just wanted to observe and learn how other shooters like Jim C take up the sticks and bang em down. Jim scored a 36/48 for the win in Hunter class on what i would call a pretty challenging course as Kevin Y showed up and was placing targets at challenging distances. everyone likes Kevin around as he is not only one of the best shots in the state, but  as a former MD at Diablo FT Club in the Concord area, he knows how to set up a course. so Kevin helped us all out. thanks :) we had a standing lane  with reduced Kz's, and a kneeling lane. one of targets were elevated a few feet off the ground to add a point or two to the Troyer Scale. :)  Kevin brought his Walther out for some fun this time. look forward to having you come again.

Guy O. ---- Mr National Champion in WFTF over slept lol and could not make it. hee hee......... we missed ya brother. it is always a pure pleasure having you. see next time. :)

the other new shooter Riz had talked to prior in the week and got him to show. this new shooter seemed really hooked on this AG thing so he joined in for half the shoot and took off back home as he had prior plans. thanks for coming out Allen. Allen is another one of those ringers gifted for shooting. Riz had brought an extra gun for him to try out (very kind btw), and in no time Allen was knocking them over with ease. we all look forward to seeing him again next match.

mean while back on the course Lonnie, Riz, and Frank are battling it out in Spring Piston Land. Lonnie had some poi shifts or just overall form to work on as he has taken off his knee shelf and is trying some new things out before the season really begins. i wonder what  is up his sleeve. :) .Riz on the other hand came ready to rock and slid in for 1st with a score of 36/48. Frank was teamed up with Kevin and both having fun.

Richard is another newer shooter to the club. he had shot only Pistol on the last match but this time he went for it all and entered in both events. he seems really hooked on the sport and a pure pleasure to be around. he gave it a shot in Hunter class with Jim C. Richard was doing fantastic on the course until his gun was over refilled by mistake causing him to miss the next 9 shots in a row. my guess is the excess pressure in his rifle caused the poi to be low until the pressure inside the cylinder dropped. better luck next time bud . :)  you had it going on !!!!!!!

here are some video's of the match

Ronnie Easton Md