Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Nor-Cal Air Gun club

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Targets and Face Plates

i ordered up 3 more targets and 6 more face plates for  EFTC. total expense are approximately 100 dollars. we will need to see some more memberships before we get more. EFTC counts on memberships for target maintenance, trophies, ect. as soon as we get more membership fees in, we will expand our inventory and perhaps get some hats and give them to members.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Match Report for 12 Nov 2011

The weather was extremely nice! i do not know what it is about EastonFTC getting so many nice days when we meet up, but i am not going to argue lol. we are blessed with nice weather it seams all the time even when the forecast says otherwise.

the club is doing well. , we can now grow to my expectations. we have a super fine group of shooters, and it pleases me to no end on how we all get along so well. :)

i made some changes to the course lay out and asked for some feed back after the match on what the members thought. with more than a positive feed back we all decided to add 3 targets to most of the lanes. this will give the open site/red dot/scope standing shooters a much better and more realistic course. the pistol  shooters will shoot at the 2 closest targets while the Rifle shooters will shoot at the 2 furthest targets.  in this particular class(standing) we award 1 point for a face plate hit and 2 points for a kill zone knock down hit. distances are 7-30 yards and is quit fun to play. Fred is our top shooter nudging out Scott only by a couple and Scott would get him now and then by the same. well Fred went home last match and got his A game on for this match and shot a blistering 44 on the first pass and a 41 on the second go around. that is simply smoken hot.......!! and very consistent. Fred shot with a new member Warren. Warren is a super nice fellow and one heck of a great shot out of the box. for his first match he did an off the scale performance shooting a 34 and a 31. Look out.... i see him having a great deal of fun and will get some more numbers down for next time. nice having you out Warren and see ya next time. Scott is doing well and working on some issues with both of his guns right now as they are not up to snuff lately. so together we will figure it out.

mean while in rifle land, Jim and Russ took up the sticks and had a blast. Russ is also new to the EastonFTC seen, but i can tell this guy knows how this game works and is good at it. after a recent motorcycle accident, he is still not even close to 100 percent and is already scoring high. i look for this guy to be at the top of his game at years end. Despite his neck pain, he still shows up early and helps out with what he can. a big thank you Russ for your support. don't over do it setting up. we need ya! :)

finally, there is Red. my open class shooter. now i get someone to compete with :) as most all other shooters are standing class or Hunter class. Red is one fine shooter with a natural born ability. for his first real match, he scored a 28/40 up against my 33/40. then Jim Cyran tied my score shooting Hunter. we had both a standing lane and a kneeling lane. we had quite a few  targets at the 55 yard range.  WOW!! that is smoken hot guys!!!!! the wind was kind of crazy at times shifting from one direction to another although only at around 8-10mph.  i have been told by others out side the club that i should let others win one once in a while. my answer to that is i play to win, and if you beat me, it is authentic and real. Red will one day kick my booty across the field but not today lol. :) we have been working on his BC and numbers and setting up his scope ect.   Red listens and understands everything mentioned to him. he reminds me of another member at the club.....JimR. look forward to JimR returning at the next match.

see ya next time gents. it was a pleasure shooting with you all. i had a blast!!

the Nationals in 2012 will be held in Grants Pass Oregon. Wayne Burns and Mark Gravelle will be hosting the event. i encourage all members to attend this event. it has been several years since the last National event were held in this part of the country.

Ronnie Easton
Match Director

Saturday, November 12, 2011

FT match/ fun shoot is on Today

the weather looks great. a little foggy in the a.m. but should warm up by 10 am.
set up at 8 am
meeting at 9am
see ya out there.
916 752 6762